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Above Ground Pool Filters

It’s a well known fact that you can’t have a swimming pool without a pool filter. Particularly with above ground swimming pools – it’s crucial that they have a pool filter installed as being outside and above ground they are going to be prone to a lot of dirt, bugs and things that you don’t want in your pool. There’s plenty of above ground pool filters around to choose from but it’s important that you choose one that is quality and durable as cheap knock off filters simply will not cut the mustard most of the time.

To break it down there’s essentially three different types of above ground pool filter. They include cartridge filters, de filters (diatomaceous earth) and sand filters. Each of these different above ground pool filters have their own individual ups and downs and it’s important that you decide carefully so that you can get the correct filter for your pool.

Sand filters protect from just that – sand and other tiny granular objects that may get caught up in your pool and need cleaning. Sand filters are perfect for those living near beaches or those just situated in sand and dust filled areas. The cartridge filter is perfect for those wanting something compact and space-saving that also uses very little water saving you a lot of money in the long run. Cartidge filters are great for those that want something “green” and eco-friendly that will also save them money. Finally DE filters are extremely good at cleaning your pools whilst also being very easy to clean. The DE filter is great for those that just want to save as much time as possible – however they do consume a lot of water so if this is an issue for you then be sure to keep it in mind.

Above ground pools will often use filters that require far less maintenance and effort to keep then most in ground pools and the filters are also usually cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly. Above ground pool filters can be bought at a wide variety of places both offline and online.

If you are search for above ground pool filters the first place you might want to check is your local pool equipment shops – especially if you don’t know a lot about filters. Often talking to a real person face to face will help to get a better idea of which filter you need. If you are however looking to get your filter a bit cheap then shopping online is definitely a good idea. There’s plenty of online retailers stocking all the top brands of above ground pool filters – all you have to do is a quick search and you’ll find plenty. Another great way to hunt down pool filters is by checking in local classified ads in newspaper and other advertisements – this can prove to be a great way to score your pool filter at a dirt cheap price!


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