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Jacuzzi Pool Filters

There’s three main types of Jacuzzi pool filters and it’s extremely important for both your wallet and the cleanliness of your Jacuzzi that you get the right one. The three types of Jacuzzi filters are diatomaceous earth filters, cartridge filters and high-rate sand filters. Whilst all three of these types of Jacuzzi pool filters will clean the water quite well they vary in their maintenance levels and overall requirements.

The high-rate sand filter is a good choice for Jacuzzi’s located in windy areas that blow grit such as sand into it on a regular basis – for example places located near the beach or coast. Sand Jacuzzi pool filters are designed with several layers of sand already in them meaning that any further sand won’t harm the filter. However, whilst sand filters once were by far the most popular type of filter – with today’s technology they serve a very limited audience. The main problem with these filters is backwashing, the process can take literally hundreds of galloons of water which can be a huge pain to clean later.

Another one of the more popular Jacuzzi pool filters are the diatomaceous earth filters. These are Jacuzzi filters that are covered in fabric grids that contain a small layer of D.E. These filters are extremely effective and are made up of broken skeletons from tiny diatoms which allow the filter to catch incredibly small debris right down to 5 microns. Cleaning D.E. Jacuzzi pool filters isn’t hard at all either – all that is required is to reverse the direction of the water being pumped with the backwash valve. This filter is excellent for cleaning as it’s easy, quick and effective. The only real drawback with these D.E. filters is that they use quite a lot of water compared to the other types of filters.

Cartidge filters are also another great Jacuzzi filter that you can choose. Cartridge filters contain multiple parts inside that are able to filter the water in your swimming pool right down to 5 microns. Cartidge filters are exceptionally helpful when space is important – these filters are much smaller and slimmer then the other two types of Jacuzzi pool filters and what’s more is it doesn’t even need a backwash line or backwash valve making it require even less space which is ideal. Plus unlike the D.E. filter you will use very little water and hence save a lot of money in the long run. The only real issue with cartridge filters that you might want to consider before buying one is that they can be a hassle to clean. The only way to clean Jacuzzi cartridge pool filters is by taking the filter right apart and then cleaning all the pieces by hand with a high-pressure hose.

At the end of the day the type of filter that’s right really just depends on your Jacuzzi, location, budget and situation. You’ll also obviously need to take into account the brand of hot tub you have – a Hawkeye hot tub wont like it if you start replacing it with sundance spa filters! In summary the sand filters are perfect for those living near sandy or windy areas where small sand and other grains would be likely to get into your Jacuzzi. The D.E. filters are excellent for those that want an extremely powerful filter that requires only minimal maintenance and cleaning. Lastly the cartridge filters are huge water savers however do require more time when it comes to cleaning then the other two.


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